Sunny Hollow 2019

Building Potential

More than 30 years ago, our founder Mary Sue Dobbin, a Montessori teacher and early childhood advocate, planted a seed. We’ve compassionately nurtured, cared for and cultivated it. It has blossomed into the school that we know today. Sunny Hollow is very special. Above all, it’s a place with near limitless potential. Sunny Hollow 2019 is about building potential. Through building upgrades and expansion, additional programming, new learning opportunities and the addition of a junior high, we want to create an environment for all students, staff and parents to flourish. It’s time that we continue our growth. Join us on the journey.


Sunny Hollow is excited to introduce to you our trusted partners for the Building Potential project! Meet the talented team HERE

Why are we expanding?

The Sunny Hollow educational experience is second to none. We take great pride in the potential we unlock in our children of all ages and the quality of our extraordinary staff and unique curriculum. Several years ago, the Board of Trustees began the discussion of how to match the quality of our facilities to the quality of our education. Our goal is to improve the experience of every child at Sunny Hollow through new dedicated space for additional learning opportunities and a Junior High that will expand the community in exciting new ways.

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