Our classrooms are open! Find out how Sunny Hollow Montessori is providing peace of mind by following best practices for safety and sanitation.

Sunny Hollow Montessori

Our classrooms are open! Find out how Sunny Hollow Montessori is providing peace of mind by following best practices for safety and sanitation.

Welcome to Sunny Hollow Montessori


The heart of Montessori education is this: Children love to learn, and when we surround them with people and environments that support their development, they become responsible, compassionate, and intelligent human beings.

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Sunny Hollow Montessori offers authentic Montessori education for children ages 16 months through Junior High. Our classrooms follow the international, high-quality standards of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).

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Experience shows that prospective families who attend both a tour and an open house feel most informed about the educational model we offer. Visit our Admissions Calendar for more information on scheduling a visit and attending an Open House. 

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We’d love to tell you more about Sunny Hollow Montessori.

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  • Peek Into Creek This Week!

    Hello Creek Families, We have been having such a wonderful week and we just wanted to share some updates of what we are learning and discussing in the environment as well as some fun alternatives to outdoor activities while we wait out this cold weather! This week, we have learned the stories of so many great...
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  • Week 22 in Lower Elementary North

    Happy Lunar New Year! Welcome year of the Ox! Thank you for all the gifts of construction and tissue paper, clementines, and fresh flowers. The children really enjoyed crafting, playing Chinese Bingo as well as eating delicious chow mein, fried rice, and sweet treats today! Books we are reading: Someday Is Now: Clara Luper and...
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  • Casa Lake Musings

    What We’re Learning The turn of the calendar year can be difficult. We are coming down off the adrenaline and joy of the holidays and crashing into several solid months of work, school, dark and cold. I think we sometimes start planning fun or just anything to shake things up. Now on top of this...
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  • Week 19 in Lower Elementary North

    This week there was a great deal of interest around the Presidential Inauguration! The week began on Tuesday with a challenge to parse the oath sworn by every United States president before assuming their role. Wednesday the class was invited to watch the inauguration at a spot set up via the iPad in the tile...
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  • Week 16 in Lower Elementary North

    These days before winter break were a whirlwind of cleaning and preparing for presentations. On Tuesday morning we learned about Sea Turtles, Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Ancient Romans, and Ermines. Did you know there is a sea turtle that can grow to twice the size of a human being?! After this we had: Extra recess...
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  • Head of School Holiday Update

    Dear SHM parent/caregiver, As we count the days (and hours) until winter break, I wanted to thank you again and again for being so conscientious regarding COVID-19 safety. With our high level of cleaning and sanitizing, consistent distancing at SHM, and commitment to keep anyone with any symptoms home, we have been able to be...
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  • December Creek Currents

    December is almost over, winter break around the corner The temperatures may be lower, but our spirits have never been higher! Language development in Montessori environments is supported with various works. Here are a few different works, that all help children develop an appreciation and understanding of language and literacy. Above we see exploring with...
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  • Super Duper Paper Challenge

    Ready for something amazing? Using only one piece of paper and two feet of tape, Lower Elementary students worked in teams to see how many pounds of books they could suspend and balance on a “structure” (made of only one piece of paper) without the books touching the table below. How many pounds do you...
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  • Junior High Cycle 3 Update

    Hello Junior High Families!   It’s already Cycle 3! We are a third of the way through our year and the students are doing great work and have really hit their stride in so much of what is going on in the classroom. It is wonderful to see, as guides, the students taking more and...
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About Us

At Sunny Hollow Montessori, you are immediately struck with the warm and inviting atmosphere and the welcoming community of staff, children, and parents. Our actively involved family community includes grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends who participate in the lives of Sunny Hollow students.  The students also extend this welcoming energy to anyone who walks through Sunny Hollow’s doors.

More About Us

Why Choose Us

You and your child will thrive.

We offer authentic Montessori education, beautiful and engaging classrooms, exceptional teachers and staff, and a strong parent community. In our lovely setting along the Mississippi River, we provide easy access to families from St. Paul, Minneapolis, and surrounding suburbs.

Learning that is relaxed, natural, and home-like.

Dr. Maria Montessori observed that when children grow up in an environment that is intellectually and artistically alive and encouraging, they spontaneously ask questions, investigate, create, and explore new ideas. Dr. Montessori centered this theory on a learning experience for children that is relaxed, natural, and home-like.


  • Extraordinarily gifted and committed teachers.

  • Highly devoted staff.

  • Trained and committed guides with long tenure at the school.

  • Extremely gifted and dedicated staff who are there because they love what they do.

  • High quality staff that is passionate about what they are doing.

  • A strong, vibrant, diverse community.

  • Small community where everyone knows everyone.

  • Warm, welcoming, and close-knit community.

  • Daily expressions of love and support for my children (feels like an extension of family at school).

  • Fidelity to the [Montessori] model with clearly stunning results.

  • The school is committed to educating the whole child and interested in developing character as well as competency.

  • The school nurtures curiosity, creativity, and exploration while also nurturing the need for respecting others.

  • SHM infuses its students with confidence, respect, and independence for learning and for social interaction.

  • Each student is valued for their unique gift to the community, while not allowed to be one-dimensional.

  • Fosters independence, curiosity, and a sense of competence that carries over into all aspects of children’s lives. They feel capable and are often inspired.

  • Engaged and excited student learners.

  • A group of fantastic kids encouraged to be their fantastic selves.

Watch Our Covid-19 Safety Video

Our classrooms are open! Find out how Sunny Hollow Montessori is providing peace of mind by following best practices for safety and sanitation. Watch our safety video now!