Head of School Holiday Update

Dear SHM parent/caregiver,
As we count the days (and hours) until winter break, I wanted to thank you again and again for being so conscientious regarding COVID-19 safety. With our high level of cleaning and sanitizing, consistent distancing at SHM, and commitment to keep anyone with any symptoms home, we have been able to be open for onsite learning for the children while also supporting our distance learning children. An amazing source of pride for our community is that we have not had a single positive COVID-19 case on site. Thank you for your diligence and for your care and concern for the Sunny Hollow community.
Please continue to be safe and diligent over winter break. We have come so far and can’t let up now! If we want to continue to be in person and onsite in 2021, we cannot ease up on our efforts to mask, socially distance, sanitize, wash hands, and not gather unmasked with people outside of our family pods. As you have done throughout the Fall, if you believe a family member has a possible exposure, please plan to quarantine and get tested so that our whole community remains safe. I appreciate it!
While we are only partially through the 2020-21 school year, we have been planning for the 2021-22 year at Sunny Hollow Montessori! There are still uncertainties related to COVID-19, the vaccine, and safety and distancing, so we are considering the right number of children to enroll for 2021-22. Re-enrollment paperwork will go out in early January and have a return deadline in early February. Your child’s Guide is happy to answer any pedagogical questions you may have;  the Admissions team can direct you to recorded information sessions and footage of children working in the environments and Henry is happy to respond to any financial aid questions. Once returning families have the opportunity to re-enroll, we will know how many spaces we have for each program and will admit new students. If you know great families whose child would thrive in a Montessori environment, please share information about Sunny Hollow with them!
The 2020-21 School Calendar
We are making a change to the current year school calendar and have attached the updated version. There are four Fridays – one each in February, March, April and May – that are listed as “No Extended Day”, which means a 3:30pm pick-up for full day children. Given the complexities of keeping children safe, pods separate, and the building sanitized, we do not have time to meet as a staff or in teams. It is critical that we have time for professional conversations, classroom planning, and professional development.
Each of those aforementioned Fridays will now be a 12:00pm pick up for all children. With two months notice, I hope most families can make the necessary pick up and care plans.
The four Fridays in the spring with a 12:00pm pick up for all children are:
February 19
March 12
April 16
May 7
Coming in 2021!
We’re planning more parent education events in January including Montessori in the Home for toddlers and casa children, and we’re hosting a screening of Screenagers: Growing up in the Digital Age. More information will be forthcoming.
Have a wonderfully relaxing and safe winter break! We can’t wait to greet you on January 5th next year!
Take care,