Week 16 in Lower Elementary North

These days before winter break were a whirlwind of cleaning and preparing for presentations. On Tuesday morning we learned about Sea Turtles, Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Ancient Romans, and Ermines. Did you know there is a sea turtle that can grow to twice the size of a human being?! After this we had: Extra recess with ghost stories, 3-step, and a performance of acrobatics! Extra read aloud! Extra drawing and crafting time! And we ended the day by cozying up with our pillows and watching a Charlie Chaplin short film: the Floorwalker.

Books we are reading:

  • When Beaver Was Very Great: Stories to Live By, Anne M. Dunn
  • A Necklace of Raindrops, Joan Aiken

Skills we are practicing:

We continue to work on

  • Physical distancing


“It’s a maze for fighters.”

“I thought someone would ask me about the binding.”

“My sister has the same mask.”

“Wolves are shy creatures.”

“Hey there are no colors!”


With gratitude and warmest wishes for the New Year,

Nancy and Maria