Week 19 in Lower Elementary North

This week there was a great deal of interest around the Presidential Inauguration! The week began on Tuesday with a challenge to parse the oath sworn by every United States president before assuming their role. Wednesday the class was invited to watch the inauguration at a spot set up via the iPad in the tile area. Nearly everyone immediately began moving their chairs to watch! We changed to include the large desktop computer for better viewing. Then added a third location! At some point, an unexpected visitor, in the form of the biography of Kamala Harris, was added to the audience and placed facing the screen so it, too, could view the ceremony.

On Thursday, a group met to talk about what they had seen and share notes so they could write their own articles about the Ceremony. In other news (is there other news?) we continued working on stories, enjoying the snow, notating cubes, exploring the rules of fractions, nouns both common and proper, and learned about two kinds of heat: direct and radiant.

Books we are reading:

  • The Phantom Tollbooth, Norman Juster (continued)
  • Kamala Harris: Rooted in Justice, Nikki Grimes and Laura Freeman

Videos watched:

  • Presidential Inauguration Ceremony

Skills we are practicing:

  • Physical distancing


“Tell me a song you like that I can play.”

“In the darklands, trees grow towards buildings.”

“Someone keeps changing Joe Biden to Joey Biden. I want you to stop.”

“This is my snowflake. It looks like a flower. See, here’s the part that protects the flower, and here is where the pistils are.”

“Is your refrigerator running?”

“Look! We made a snow cat!”


Nancy and Maria