Casa Lake Musings

What We’re Learning

The turn of the calendar year can be difficult. We are coming down off the adrenaline and joy of the holidays and crashing into several solid months of work, school, dark and cold. I think we sometimes start planning fun or just anything to shake things up. Now on top of this annual routine cycle of feelings are the variants of a pandemic that feels like added limits to our opportunity to shake up our monotonous routine of work, school, darkness, and cold. Recently I sat on the hallway bench looking after a child getting ready to go home at the end of the day and I said aloud, “You know, sitting on this bench and just sitting and relaxing feels really nice. Now I know why sometimes children do this.” This is exactly whatI had in mind when preparing the environment for everyone coming back from break. To create an atmosphere that honors the feeling of just being and resetting in a relaxed and gentle way, but also sparks joy, imagination, innovativeness, fun, and excitement.

We found that Paul, our pet tortoise, loves green peppers; so we implemented a work in which a child could cut peppers for Paul. We have also implemented the work of making dog biscuits for dogs. As well as sewing napkins and bags with a sewing machine. We have also been talking and acting out a lot of grace and courtesies and manners and actions like how to be a great audience, how to politely ask for space, and how to seek assistance. We have also been enjoying exchanging knock-knock jokes and riddles. We also have the excitement of preparing for thrilled children returning on-site after being distance learners.

So even though we may feel bored and tired of the routine of work, school, masks, social distancing, and winter – we still have our ideas on ways to shake things up in a fun and safe way.