Peek Into Creek This Week!

Hello Creek Families,

We have been having such a wonderful week and we just wanted to share some updates of what we are learning and discussing in the environment as well as some fun alternatives to outdoor activities while we wait out this cold weather!
This week, we have learned the stories of so many great people who have and are contributing to our world! Mae Jemison became the first Black woman to go into space, and we listened to the podcast “Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls” to learn her life story. Simone Biles is an Olympic champion gymnast and the first-ever woman to land a triple-double in competition! Oprah Winfrey overcame so many obstacles and we learned not only how she overcame her adversity but how she chooses to use her position and her fame to care for others: building libraries, starting scholarships and founding schools! Wangari Maathai was an amazing woman from Kenya who planted more than 30 million trees and spoke up for those who did not always have a voice. We have truly enjoyed learning these wonderful and inspiring stories, and we encourage you to also talk with your children about these incredible women!
We took a trip upstairs today to visit the Elementary hallway which was so beautifully decorated for the Lunar New Year. The students created lanterns and hung them in the hallways and environments to celebrate the year of the Ox. Lunar New Year is celebrated by many East Asian cultures, and we enjoyed reading books about Chinese New Year and learning about different traditions during the celebrations! Lunar New Year is also celebrated by other cultures at different times of the year such as the Islamic calendar whose start date is August 9, 2021 and the Jewish calendar whose new year starts September 6, 2021.
We danced to the iconic voices of Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder while cleaning up from lunch and our playtime in Fink Hall this week.  While playing in our gym, the children spontaneously came together for an organized game of jumping from a higher mat onto a lower mat. They took turns with patience, and encouraged each other as they jumped!  On Thursday, we had a wonderful opportunity to observe Peng Vang, our permanent substitute at Sunny Hollow, share his talent for breakdancing! The children were overjoyed to see a style of dancing that takes so much strength and skill!
It has been a busy week of learning for sure, and we are so excited with the conversations we are having and the joy we are able to observe!
Jana and Kate