February Creek Currents

Practical life exercises are the routine daily tasks we take on that contribute to our quality of life. When children are given opportunities to feed, dress, clean and care for themselves and their environment, they build awareness of the contributions they can make to their community. They will also become more socially aware of the contributions of others which leads to cohesivity.

These tasks are very important for the development of the child. They help build levels of concentration, functional independence and confidence in themselves. Activities such as floor scrubbing, flower arranging, dressing frames, sweeping, plant care, and peeling an egg serve the interest of the child while fulfilling their own needs and the needs of the room.

Practical life activities are independent works that help the child achieve interdependence in the environment and in their future life. They begin to care for the environment and others in their community. Through sewing buttons on others’ aprons, fixing materials that have been damaged or polishing learning materials in the room, the children are able to live in social harmony within the Casa.

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