Week 26 in Lower Elementary North

A Brief Peek into Week Twenty-Six in Lower Elementary North

This week we found time:

  • to play with some musical notes, turning them into words and playing the results on the tone bars. Side note, “a bead” is rather pretty.
  • debate whether a definite article indicates the presence of a proper noun or not
  • calculate the volume of the history shelf materials
  • and get outside!

Books we are reading:

  • Tale of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Judy Blume

Skills we are practicing:

  • Physical distancing


“Can’t I parse my CBM?”

“Hazelnut is not a proper noun.” “Yes, it is. It’s the fourth hazelnut. It’s a specific nut.”

“Philip? You mean like in Hamilton?”

“If the universe contains everything including what we’ll never learn then we can’t

learn it here.”

“My shirt is the color of a verb.”

“I like that we have the freedom to speak kindly to one another.”


Nancy and Maria