April 2021
Good afternoon, The excitement was palpable as many of our Upper Elementary students left campus for Camp Widji. I wanted to share a few pictures that we took this morning before the buses began the journey. Something I learned in joining a Montessori community is the importance of independence and a sense of accomplishment for...
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Dear SHM Families and Friends, As we continue to live with and hear about the trauma and unrest occurring in the Twin Cities we want to make available validated opportunities to support Daunte Wright’s son, Daunte Wright, Jr., Daunte Jr’s mother, Chyna as well as opportunities to support Daunte Sr.’s family as they grieve, memorialize...
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The first official day of Spring was March 20th and here in Casa Creek we are so excited for our plants to begin blooming and nature to come alive! Working outside brings a plethora of opportunities to learn from nature through experience. Here in Creek, we take advantage of the warmer weather as often as...
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Working with Children ages 16 months to 12 years

Our staff has been trained in the Montessori method, and we truly enjoy working with all children - from toddler through elementary. Learn more about our Montessori programs.

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