Supporting Daunte Wright, Jr. And His Family

Dear SHM Families and Friends,
As we continue to live with and hear about the trauma and unrest occurring in the Twin Cities we want to make available validated opportunities to support Daunte Wright’s son, Daunte Wright, Jr., Daunte Jr’s mother, Chyna as well as opportunities to support Daunte Sr.’s family as they grieve, memorialize and look to the future.

Ways to support Daunte Wright’s family and son:

All physical donations can be dropped off here at SHM at pick-up or drop-off this week.
Amidst these traumatic events, it is also important to recognize the needs of the greater community who may need support.  The following organizations are reaching out to support the BIPOC community by offering mental health services.

Ways to support Black Mental Health and the community in Brooklyn Center/North Minneapolis:

Stay tuned as we are now gathering information on a local author who is also looking to support the wider BIPOC community by distributing, for free, a book she wrote to empower Black Boys.  We are hoping to raise funds so that this can be possible now and in the near future.
If you or anyone in your family could use extra support and opportunities to process, please let us know and we can connect you with what we have based on your needs.
Assistant Head of School