Our classrooms are open! Find out how Sunny Hollow Montessori is providing peace of mind by following best practices for safety and sanitation.

About Sunny Hollow Montessori

Sunny Hollow Montessori is a school where you and your child will thrive. We offer authentic Montessori education, beautiful and engaging classrooms, exceptional teachers and staff, and a strong parent community. In our lovely setting along the Mississippi River, we provide easy access to families from St. Paul, Minneapolis, and surrounding suburbs.

All Are Welcome

At Sunny Hollow Montessori, you are immediately struck with the warm and inviting atmosphere and the welcoming community of staff, children, and parents. Our actively involved family community includes grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends who participate in the lives of Sunny Hollow students.  The students also extend this welcoming energy to anyone who walks through Sunny Hollow’s doors.

A sense of peace and welcome, a feeling of gratitude, and a sense of community are attributes that define and make Sunny Hollow Montessori a truly remarkable school. Visit our community and experience this feeling firsthand!

16 Months though Junior High

Sunny Hollow Montessori serves children ages 16 months through Junior High. Learn more about our Montessori programs.

How To Apply

Our Mission

Sunny Hollow Montessori cultivates each child’s intellectual and creative potential, appreciation of relationships in nature and society, and sense of individual responsibility. We follow the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori as set forth by the Association Montessori Internationale.

Our Vision

Sunny Hollow Montessori is recognized as a leader in guiding children and their parents through a shared journey from infancy  into adulthood  — all on a foundation of respect, kindness and trust in the child’s potential.  Sunny Hollow is dedicated to ensuring that each child sees her own possibilities and those of a peaceful world society, and takes an active role in pursuing both.

By holding the child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development in balance, we support and guide her toward the sweet spot of human potential and living her life to the fullest.

Equity & Inclusion

In the spring of 2019, the Sunny Hollow Board of Trustees approved this Equity & Inclusion statement to guide our work with children, families, and staff.

Our Values

In order to create an environment at Sunny Hollow Montessori in which each child can be nurtured and educated to that child’s fullest potential, all members of the community must have a shared understanding of the values influencing and guiding our actions.

To that end, Sunny Hollow embraces the following values:


An environment of kindness and warmth aids in creating peace and harmony, essential to the growth of children, and contributing to the greater harmony on Earth.


Treating ourselves, others, and the environment with respect recognizes that we are part of a greater world and our success does not happen independently. We value the contributions of others both now and in the past, shaping our world and our experience. We recognize the impact our actions have on those around us, both now and in the future.

Diligence and Craftsmanship

We achieve excellence in our work by employing diligence and craftsmanship, working within our limits while seeking to grow beyond them.

Appreciation of Diversity

Bringing together people of different cultures, perspectives and experiences enhances the overall experience of our community and the education children receive.

Watch Our Covid-19 Safety Video

Our classrooms are open! Find out how Sunny Hollow Montessori is providing peace of mind by following best practices for safety and sanitation. Watch our safety video now!