Faculty and Staff

Meet the staff of our school. Click the photo to view each person's biography.

Administrative Staff

Sandy Wirth

Head of School

Erin Haapala

Assistant Head of School

Henry Horne

Admissions Director

Mary Irey

Development Director

Kristin Hankwitz

Learning Specialist

Buffy Ess

Office Manager

Jessica Ostrov

Admission Assistant

Catherine Geier

Building Substitute Teacher

La Vang

Business Manager

Rene Schwengber

Float and Tech Support

Toddler Community

Janette Leslie

Head Guide

Mikayla Ostroot

Assistant Guide

Katie London-Navarro

Assistant Guide

Casa River

Johanna Munns

Assistant Guide

Casa Creek

Jana Hedlund

Head Guide

Ted Thompson

Assistant Guide

Lower Elementary North

Nancy Wentworth

Head Guide

Maria Peterson

Assistant Guide

Lower Elementary South

Shanna Brown

Head Guide

Anna Mason

Assistant Guide

Upper Elementary North

Carl Banner

Head Guide

Katie Brewton

Assistant Guide

Upper Elementary South

Gillett Cole

Head Guide

Kristin Hankwitz

Learning Specialist

Elementary Extended Day

Junior High

Matt Ripley

Co-Head Guide

Hannah Skallman

Co-Head Guide
Offering On-Site and Distance Learning Options from 16 Months Through Junior High

Sunny Hollow Montessori will open in September for on-site learning, with an individualized distance learning option available. For more information on our Flexible Plan, please click here.

We are still accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year on a “space available” basis. Inquire today!