Frequently Asked Questions

How many students and classrooms do you have?

We have one Toddler classroom (for 16 to 36 months), three Casa classrooms (for 3-to-6-year-olds), two lower elementary classrooms (for 6-to-9-year-olds), and one upper elementary classroom (for 9-to-12-year olds).

What are class sizes and teacher ratios?

Our Toddler classroom has 12 children, one lead AMI Montessori-trained guide, one Montessori-trained assistant, and one aide. Our Casa classrooms each have 28 students, one lead AMI Montessori-trained guide, one Montessori-trained assistant, and one aide. Our elementary classrooms have 25 students each. Our lower elementary classrooms each have one lead AMI Montessori-trained guide and one full-time assistant. Our upper elementary classroom has one lead AMI Montessori-trained guide and one half-day assistant.

Why do Montessori preschool classes seem larger than traditional preschools?

In Montessori classrooms for 3- to 6-year-olds, larger classrooms are actually the ideal. Because of the three-year cycle, one-third of the children are in the third year in the same class, one-third are in the second year, and one-third are new. With multiple ages, and a good number of children at each age, older children help younger children and also inspire them, and the teachers and older children model positive, respectful social interaction and problem-solving. The older children become confident leaders with self-discipline. Larger classrooms are also advantageous because Montessori education is self-directed learning–once children are shown an activity, they may get it out and use it whenever they want and for as long as they want (within the guidelines of respect for materials and for others, of course). As a result, children have plenty of activities to choose from while the lead guide is showing new work to children individually or in small groups.

Are 3- or 4-day toddler or preschool schedules available?

All Toddler (16 to 36 months) and Casa (ages 3-to-6) classrooms are five days a week, half day or full day. The five-day schedule best meets children’s developmental needs for order, independence, regularity, and community. Many parents find that because children love their work, play, and independence at school, they often ask to go on Saturday mornings! Imagine a specially designed place where everything, from furniture to tools to aprons to activities, is designed exactly for you as a little person–wouldn’t you want to stay too?

How do I apply?

We ask families to schedule an observation, then fill out an application for their child. Learn about our application process here.

When will I know if my child was accepted for enrollment?

Please see our admissions calendar.

What languages do you offer?

Children in our Casa (Preschool and Kindergarten) program may sign up for extracurricular Spanish. Elementary children learn Mandarin Chinese as part of their school day, and may sign up for extracurricular Chinese, Spanish, and French.

Are scholarships available?

Yes. We make every effort to make our high quality education available to all families. We offer scholarships for tuition assistance.