What Our Families Say

Sunny Hollow Families Say it Best

We sent out a community survey in 2013, asking for feedback on our school, our staff, and our community. Read what our families have to say below.

About Our Staff

  • Extraordinarily gifted and committed teachers.
  • Highly devoted staff.
  • Trained and committed guides with long tenure at the school.
  • Extremely gifted and dedicated staff who are there because they love what they do.
  • High quality staff that is passionate about what they are doing.

About Our Community

  • A strong, vibrant, diverse community.
  • Small community where everyone knows everyone.
  • Warm, welcoming, and close-knit community.
  • Daily expressions of love and support for my children (feels like an extension of family at school).

About Our Educational Approach

  • Fidelity to the [Montessori] model with clearly stunning results.
  • The school is committed to educating the whole child and interested in developing character as well as competency.
  • The school nurtures curiosity, creativity, and exploration while also nurturing the need for respecting others.
  • SHM infuses its students with confidence, respect, and independence for learning and for social interaction.

About Our Students

  • Each student is valued for their unique gift to the community, while not allowed to be one-dimensional.
  • Fosters independence, curiosity, and a sense of competence that carries over into all aspects of children’s lives. They feel capable and are often inspired.
  • Engaged and excited student learners.
  • A group of fantastic kids encouraged to be their fantastic selves.