Hello Casa River Families ~ What a difference a day makes! The month of February has fewer days and those seem to have flown right by us. Some very cold days meant we had recess inside which gave us a turn to try out the new flooring in Fink Hall. A few children have brought...
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What We’re Learning The turn of the calendar year can be difficult. We are coming down off the adrenaline and joy of the holidays and crashing into several solid months of work, school, dark and cold. I think we sometimes start planning fun or just anything to shake things up. Now on top of this...
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Casa River is feeling thankful for many things in November, including moderate weather, community, and health. Read the November newsletter here!
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Working with Children ages 16 months to 12 years

Our staff has been trained in the Montessori method, and we truly enjoy working with all children - from toddler through elementary. Learn more about our Montessori programs.

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