Your Donations Make a Difference!

Race to $70K … and Beyond!

Annual Fund Campaign!

WATCH our “70k and Beyond!” Cheerleaders!

This year’s Annual Fund Campaign is unique and challenging! Monies raised beyond the “Race to $70,000” will be used for the remodel of Fink Hall into a multi-purpose gym-like space. GO TEAM!

Why support the remodel of Fink Hall just because EXPERTS say that “In an environment that encourages inactivity, being physically active must be a lifelong, conscious decision.”

Let's hear from ELEMENTARY STUDENTS about the Fink Hall re-model!

Watch Fink Hall re-model video OUTTAKES!

In order to succeed, 100% Family Participation in the 2019/2020 Annual Fund is critical.

Annual Fund Raffles

We are so committed to achieving 100% Family Participation, that we are offering a new Raffle for families.

Each parent household whose donation OR pledge to donate is received by Monday, November 25, 2019* will be entered into the Tuition Discount Raffle to win:

  • $1,000.00 deducted from the Spring Tuition of one child. (If you are already a monthly recurring donor, you will automatically be entered into all RAFFLES.)

PLUS . . . your children will be entered into a RAFFLE for a chance to enjoy:

  • Pizza, Play and Partying! for Toddler & Casa Students — hosted by Brooke Young
  • A Night in the School for Elementary and Junior High Students. A meal including dessert, epic games of flashlight tag and hide-and-seek and other awesomeness — hosted by Shanna Brown

BUT WAIT! There’s more! As soon as we reach $30,000 in donations and pledges, the fates of these staff members will be sealed. They have “agreed” to partake in the DUNK TANK at the Spring Fair:

Shanna Brown
Anna Mason
Billie Conaway
Carl Banner
Catherine Geier
D’Andre Gordon
Gillett Cole
Henry Horne
Jenny Thompson
Sandy Wirth

Spring Gala!

Save the date for a night to remember! May 1, 2020, at the James J. Hill House in Saint Paul!
Staying Together

Sunny Hollow Montessori has been engaged in learning from home (distance learning) since March 16, 2020. Our school building is closed but our learning and connections continue!

For resources and updates about Sunny Hollow's learning from home program, please check here.

We are still accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year on a “space available” basis. Information here.