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Race to $70K … and Beyond!

Annual Fund Campaign!

WATCH our “70k and Beyond!” Cheerleaders!

This year’s Annual Fund Campaign is unique and challenging! Monies raised beyond the “Race to $70,000” will be used for the remodel of Fink Hall into a multi-purpose gym-like space. GO TEAM!

Why support the remodel of Fink Hall just because EXPERTS say that “In an environment that encourages inactivity, being physically active must be a lifelong, conscious decision.”

Let's hear from ELEMENTARY STUDENTS about the Fink Hall re-model!

Watch Fink Hall re-model video OUTTAKES!

In order to succeed, 100% Family Participation in the 2019/2020 Annual Fund is critical.

Annual Fund Raffles

We are so committed to achieving 100% Family Participation, that we are offering a new Raffle for families.

Each parent household whose donation OR pledge to donate is received by Monday, November 25, 2019* will be entered into the Tuition Discount Raffle to win:

  • $1,000.00 deducted from the Spring Tuition of one child. (If you are already a monthly recurring donor, you will automatically be entered into all RAFFLES.)

PLUS . . . your children will be entered into a RAFFLE for a chance to enjoy:

  • Pizza, Play and Partying! for Toddler & Casa Students — hosted by Brooke Young
  • A Night in the School for Elementary and Junior High Students. A meal including dessert, epic games of flashlight tag and hide-and-seek and other awesomeness — hosted by Shanna Brown

BUT WAIT! There’s more! As soon as we reach $30,000 in donations and pledges, the fates of these staff members will be sealed. They have “agreed” to partake in the DUNK TANK at the Spring Fair:

Shanna Brown
Anna Mason
Billie Conaway
Carl Banner
Catherine Geier
D’Andre Gordon
Gillett Cole
Henry Horne
Jenny Thompson
Sandy Wirth

Spring Gala!

Save the date for a night to remember! May 1, 2020, at the James J. Hill House in Saint Paul!
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