Parent Education

Sunny Hollow Montessori offers a variety of parent education events and resources to help support the connection between home and school.

July Parent Orientation

Parents have a chance to learn about (and discuss) topics that inform the parenting journey and help understand children’s development and Montessori education. Topics include supporting independence and concentration to aid your child’s development.

August Parent Orientation

During the first days of school in late August, new Casa and Elementary parents and caregivers gather for three sessions while children have their first experiences in the classroom. These sessions lay the foundation for understanding your child’s experience at Sunny Hollow and making connections with other new Sunny Hollow parents.

Fall, Winter, and Spring Parent Education Nights

Parents have a chance to learn about and discuss topics to support the parenting journey and help understand children’s development and Montessori education. For specific dates and topics, view the calendar.

Parent Resource Library

Our lobby has a library with a variety of books about parenting, Montessori education, and child development. Need help finding a specific resource? Talk to Jenny Thompson, Communications Coordinator.

Classroom Observation

The best way to understand your child’s experience at Sunny Hollow is to observe in your child’s classroom during a typical day. Observations begin in November. Email your child’s guide to set up the observation.

Open Houses

At our Admissions Open Houses, parents can visit other levels of the school to learn about Montessori education and the Sunny Hollow approach at different developmental stages. For specific dates, view the calendar.

Staying Together & Distance Learning

Sunny Hollow Montessori engaged in learning from home (distance learning) from March 16, 2020 through the end of the school year. Our learning and connections continued! For resources and updates about Sunny Hollow's learning from home program, please check here.

Our Toddler program is reopening in July and our Casa (preschool and Kindergarten), Elementary, and Junior High programs will reopen in September.

We are still accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year on a “space available” basis. Information here.