Meet the Staff at Sunny Hollow Montessori

Johanna Munns

Jo joined Sunny Hollow in 2016. Since then she has worked in Casa River, starting as an Aide. She holds a degree in Child Development and is Montessori Assistant certified through the MCM. 

From a young age Jo has had a passion for working with children, and serving and supporting their families. As a young adult she worked in a variety of childcare and ECE roles, and explored different approaches to child development and parenting styles. When she became a parent and worked full time as a nanny she leaned into the philosophy that reflected her values most closely; Montessori. From there she has continued her growth as a lifelong learner and Montessori advocate.

Outside of school Jo spends time with her family, husband (Corey) and daughter (Simone, former SMH student). During her free time she enjoys baking, checking out new restaurants, and biking around the Twin Cities. When time allows, she loves to visit her parents in northern WI, and her sister in WA.