Meet the Staff at Sunny Hollow Montessori

Jonnie Dresden

Assistant Guide

Jonnie has been at Sunny Hollow Montessori since summer of 2020, and has been in the
Toddler Community since her arrival. Originally hailing from the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia,
she has lived in Kansas, Wyoming, and Ohio before moving to Minnesota in 2011. She lived in
San Francisco, CA for two years before moving back to MN. She has worked in childcare since
2012 and has been a part of various Montessori communities throughout the Twin Cities.
She currently lives in the North End of St. Paul with her son, Desi, and her calico cat, Swittle.
She’s a multidisciplinary artist—working in digital, watercolor, and oil—as well as a creative
writer who has already written one novel. She also enjoys spending time outside in the summer
and working on her DIY projects.