Meet the Staff at Sunny Hollow Montessori

Marcela Crosby

Lead Guide

Marcela Crosby was the founding guide of the Toddler Community at Sunny Hollow Montessori in 2015 and has the honor of leading the class for 6 years. She is a native of Brazil, holds a BA in Law School, AMI Assistants to Infancy diploma and is the mother of two fantastic Montessori children, Maya and Leona who currently attend SHM Lower Elementary and Casa, respectively. Marcela discovered the joy of working in a Montessori setting in 2013 when she had the opportunity of working as AM extended care aide and while working as a substitute in the Casa environment at SHM.

During her free time Marcela loves to spend time with her family, her spouse, Eric, their two
children, and the family dog (Pablo Picasso)—as well as hosting family and friends, taking care
of her orchids, and exploring the outdoors.