Extracurricular Activities On Hold

To keep our community safe, we are not offering extracurricular activities at this time. We will keep you updated if this changes.

Sunny Hollow offers a variety of enrichment activities before and after school. They vary by age group and include:

  • Toddlers: Language
  • Casa: Language and yoga
  • Elementary: Language, yoga, and sports
  • Junior High: Language and sports

Language Classes

In partnership with Language Sprout Learning Center, Sunny Hollow offers before-school and after-school options in Mandarin and Spanish. 

In the Toddler and Casa classes, children learn the vocabulary for colors, shapes, and numbers, and learn to express feelings and preferences through first person phrases. Classes are fun and interactive, involving singing, games, and movement.

Elementary and Junior High classes include movement, games, singing, role-playing, and self-directed activities. Students learn to have discussions using first, second, and third person. They learn to read and write through translating and sentence-building exercises. As students increase their learning in the level II classes, they become confident and can converse in a variety of practical vocabulary themes.

All Elementary and Junior High students also have school-day language offerings: Elementary students learn Mandarin and Junior High students learn Spanish or Mandarin. The after-school extracurricular language offerings offer students opportunities for further language development or new language exploration.

Language Sprout offerings at Sunny Hollow

To register for 2019–2020 school year classes, please fill out the Language Sprout Registration Form.

Questions about extracurricular languages? Contact hello@languagesprout.com

After-School Yoga

Children love doing yoga! Practicing yoga strengthens growing bodies, enhances concentration and self-esteem, cultivates a peaceful, relaxed state of body and mind, and gives children tools for managing stressful situations.

Marisa Vargas, Sunny Hollow parent and certified yoga instructor, leads once-a-week, after school yoga classes in two age groups: Casa children and Elementary children. The 30-minute classes will include playful movement, mindful songs with movement, introduction to yoga poses, storytelling with movement, yoga games, and short relaxation opportunities. Marisa has led yoga for all age groups and has extensive training in a variety of yoga specialties, with certificates from Radiant Child Yoga, Yoga 4 Teens and Budding Yogis.

Class options and signups here:

Questions about yoga? Contact Marisa Vargas.


After-School Sports for Upper Elementary and Junior High Students

Sunny Hollow Montessori is a part of the League of Independent School Teams (LIST) sports program, a consortium of Twin Cities private and charter schools that organize fall, winter, and spring sports for grades 5 to 8. The mission of LIST is to introduce students to sports in a manner that is intentionally mixed-gender and cross-grade level. Participation and fair conduct are encouraged over competition. LIST also encourages teams to practice only twice a week; games are once a week. Students are exposed to the experience without it becoming overwhelming or all-encompassing.

We partner with Lake Country School, a Montessori school in Minneapolis, to offer these mixed-gender teams:

Questions about sports? Contact Erin Haapala, Assistant Head of School.