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Lower Elementary Learning From Home

Lower Elementary (Grades 1 to 3) Learning from Home

For children in grades 1 to 3 (age 6 to 9), our learning-from-home goal is to help children engage in work that builds from their interests while also learning  in specific subject areas (language, math, science, social studies and the arts, in particular). Examples may include projects, journals, creative writing, geometry constructions, and practical life at home.

Many Lower Elementary students are at a “concrete level” and require materials to complete certain tasks, such as using beads for multiplication work. Teachers guide parents in what work makes sense for children and also provide weekly material “care packages” that parents can order and pick up outside the our school door to aid in children learning at home. 

Here are our learning-from-home guidelines and expectations for children in grades 1 to 3.

Students are expected to:

  • Plan and organize work with guidance from parents.
  • Follow teachers’ guidelines and academic expectations.
  • Work with integrity on assigned tasks—do your best!

Parents are invited to:

  • Guide your child to set up a prepared environment at home.
  • Establish a consistent routine and work schedule together.
  • Follow along with the teachers’ suggested activities to maintain skills and concepts.
  • Provide opportunities for your child to share and present work to you.

To guide home learning, Lower Elementary teachers prepare a variety of appropriate tasks and activities for children to complete at home in order to maintain and move their learning forward.


Lower Elementary children have been making their own lesson videos to share their learning with classmates. 

Ever wonder the best ways to climb trees? One student demonstrates how to keep both the trees and the human safe when climbing—and gives directions to great climbing trees in Minneapolis! Check out Del’s Tree Climbing Tips.

Notice that Del is following his interests and choosing his own follow-on work—key concepts in Montessori Elementary learning whether at home or at school.

Sunny Hollow's Lower Elementary Online

Join our guides for some lessons and choose your own follow-on work.

Lower Elementary Daily Letters

Our Lower Elementary staff connects their children to lessons and learning through daily letters and video lessons posted to Google Classroom. 

Even as they work remotely to make these videos, our staff are modeling for the children. As one guide wrote: “We keep in almost all of our mistakes as making mistakes is a real part of life.”

Here are some sample letters that include video links:

May 8 Letter

May 14 Letter

Language & Literature

Idioms: Watch this lesson to learn more about these phrases or expressions that don’t exactly mean what they say. Keep your eyes peeled as idioms are all over the place!

Adverbs: Watch this video for a short introduction to adverbs. Make sure you have a safe space where you can move easily! To follow on from this lesson, we suggest that you write a series of commands for your home. 

Enjoy this reading Up, Up, and Away: A Book about Adverbs.

Handwork & Nature Journaling


The Arts: Music, Fine Arts, Drama

Learn more about one of the world’s oldest forms of music where specially trained singers are able to produce two or more notes simultaneously. This style of singing or chanting from Tuvan, Inuit and Xhosa cultures can be enjoyed below in four videos. 
Physical Education/Movement

Try out these jump styles to see which allows you to jump the farthest!

  • SISSONNE: jumping from two feet and landing on one foot
  • ASSEMBLE: jumping from one foot and landing on two feet
  • LEAP: jumping from one foot and landing on the other
  • HOP: jumping from one foot and landing on the same foot
  • JUMP: jumping from and landing on two feet 

If you mark the landing spot with chalk, you could measure the distance in paces and see how many toe-to-toe steps it takes to go from the starting line to the landing mark.  Teach your family the different styles of jumps!

Lower Elementary At Home Schedule

Here’s a general structure of  the day that parents might find helpful. Preparations for the next day and chores can be performed throughout the day, and activities can be modified according to child’s readiness and developmental needs.

Early Morning

Make breakfast and clean up.

Complete chores (i.e. pet care, care of self, make bed, laundry, etc.)


Uninterrupted work cycle. Children should engage in activities to practice skills for math, language, geometry, and geography. (Teachers send specific instruction.) Make sure to make time for snack and movement.

Lunch & Outdoor Time

Make lunch and clean up. Take a break outside!


Afternoon uninterrupted work cycle. Children should engage in activities for biology and research. Make time for at least 30 minutes of silent reading.



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Our classrooms are open! Find out how Sunny Hollow Montessori is providing peace of mind by following best practices for safety and sanitation. Watch our safety video now!